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Decorative Designs

Sama-dimensional idea is concentrated in the decorative and architectural designs to me Harnessing material needs And spiritual And social and client also wishes Which In turn, guarantee the safety of the building from the technical and planning aspects And construction Also interested in Also Functional and aesthetic aspects through a variety of technical personnel Skilled And trained And professional .

Where we work through the curriculum scientific genuine It focuses on the following aspects :

  • Analysis of the client’s needs, objectives and safety needs .

  • . Employers to hire and desires of the client’s needs on the ground and provide advice

  • Imagine an initial functional and aesthetic of the hand, and the idea and the appropriate standard for standards .

  • Develop and provide design final Proposed by means of appropriate width .

  • Preparation of working drawings and specifications for building materials and various details, materials and finishes, furniture and furnishings .

  • Cooperation with the client and get technical licenses in the fields of mechanical, electrical, loads for approving requirements .

  • Review and evaluate the design through implementation and after the completion of the project .


Project Management

Project planning requires structural development work, which will later form the basis of the project continues. It is possible to use this form later in the evaluation of the project by comparing it with the regular standards of efficiency. Planning necessarily needs to me Align Goals With project strategy Organization and then put the key performance indicators to track performance .

The three standards for the efficiency of any project is the time, cost and quality, and often have the overall objective of the project is the implementation of the project in the shortest time and less cost and higher quality. Realistically, these goals conflict with each other, where in most cases requires the termination of the project in a shorter time greater investment and therefore higher cost as well as the command in the event of implementation of high-quality application


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